BORDERLINE (Al límite) Ricardo Llorca

Ricardo Llorca captures the events of social movements in his work Borderline * [1] released in 2012:

* Commissioned by CNDM, 2012.

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In Borderline (Al límite), the composer Ricardo Llorca and pianist Rosa Torres-Pardo propose the incorporation of urban music in contemporary music. The interest in bringing elements of popular culture to concert halls has been a concern expressed in the career of the composer from Alicante living in New York and a professor at The Juilliard School. Moreover, Rosa Torres-Pardo raised, in numerous works,an approach to popular music through dance, poetry and theater to contribute to an greater expression and sense of classical music, bringing a fresh vision with more direct and understandable language aimed at a more diverse audience. Both artists have worked successfully in various projects presented at the Lincoln Center, the Juilliard School (New York) and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall.

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“Today half the world is protesting. Interestingly, and this is what most caught my attention, both in New York and the rest of the world the demonstrations always starts with a batucada with some guys and girls marking the frantic pace of the rhythm of Brazilian music. During the summer of 2011, I moved to Barcelona and had the opportunity to work closely with a group of young enthusiasts who I had contacted by Internet: La Republik del Avern. After an initial meeting, convened through Facebook on a basketball court in Barrio de Sants and which was attended by over forty guys with their drums and percussion instruments, I spent most of that summer participating in their parades and learning style I did not know until then: the battery of samba, omnipresent music in all the protests of the Indignados of Madrid and New York. Back in New York, I set to work trying to capture in a score everything I had learned during the summer. ”

Ricardo Llorca