Ricardo Llorca
Rosa Torres-Pardo and Bruno Axel

“The magic of Ricardo Llorca traps us, and it is not only the musician who connects immediately with all these characteristics, the audience welcomes him in the same way.”

Rosa Torres-Pardo

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The Combat of somni ( “The Combat of Sleep”) is a cycle of poems by Josep Maria Janes -20 love sonnets- mostly based on despair and unsolicited love, some of which were set to music in 1948 by Federico Mompou, with others remaining in the pipeline. In 2004 Mac Maclure and Carmen Bravo (the widow of Federico Mompou) commissioned a group of the most representative Catalan and Valencian composersof the time (Albert Guinovart, Albert Garcia Demestres, Miquel Ortega, Moses Bertran, and Ricardo Llorca) with the completion of the cycle, assigning a series of three poems to each of these composers.

The three poems for which Ricardo Llorcacomposed are:

1) Mai més ( “Never Again”),

2) La Llum ( “The Light”)

3) En du-te’m ( “Take Me with You”).

El Combat del Somniby Ricardo Llorca, which were initially songs composed for soprano and piano, were subsequently adapted for violin and piano, at the suggestion of Rosa Torres-Pardo, giving this new version a more virtuosic language for the instruments and adding cadences and new measures that provide a more rhythmic interest to the original songs.

“I have always found the poems of Josep Maria Janes perfectly apt and appropriate for being translated into musical language, because of its profound meaning and its nostalgic, sad, almost bordering on desolate, character, and also for the way the words and sentences are structured. ”

Ricardo Llorca