He knows the world lives in hands
and passes through fingers like water.
There are rose petals in peace of the source
The beauty? Music? The silence?
The submerged fingers pursued
a temperate truth that goes through the skin.
The piano always comes from another place, another garden, a time
that lives in the memory of a source.

Luis Garcia Montero

Citas prensa

Rosa Torres-Pardo ‘Goyescas’

After 16 years of rest the the “Goyescas” which Rosa Torres-Pardo recorded during a concert in the auditorium of Las Rozas in 1999 was revisited. An excellent reading by the pianist, whose notes make music that recreates, with tranquility and spacious tempos the beautiful sonoric world with which Granados infused this score. Excellent gift for these days.

Gonzalo Alonso, La Razon December 11th, 2015