“The idea of ​​recording a CD with this music is really something important, to show everything that lays behind, our conversations, the incredible search for the scores, our rehearsals, recording and the overall effort of the artists to improve and the pursuit of happiness being interpreter of these magnificent works, allows a documentary film -DVD-to place importance onthe step to raise awareness of the music of Soler and, why not, also those who give it life, the musicians. If all this adds to dance and ballet, putting wonderful choreography to music, what else can we ask for? “

Padre Antonio Solerstudied at the Conservatory in Spain, in his 6th or 7th year of piano, but when the time came to go out on stage, the artist virtually disappeared from the concert halls. Until recently, only Alicia de Larrocha had recorded some of his Sonatas, although not many, and there are 200 located. With the new generation the occasional recording has come to light. Perhaps considered music originally written for harpsichord, it has been played primarily with this instrument and there was even a foreign harpsichordist who devoted himself to recording these sonatas (relegating this music to an even more limited world). Of the Quintetos there is one very old, although incomplete,unpublished recording,so a search usually  returns no findings with the scores creating the same problem.

The reality is that this music is not sufficiently represented in concert repertoires despite its high quality perhaps for Soler´shaving been classified and pigeonholed as a composer to be played on a keyboard instrument as the clavichord or organ.

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